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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by pmendel, Aug 20, 2011.

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    Hello all,
    I am a recent finance grad and am coming to terms with the fact that college did not teach me how to make money trading. I want to get into futures trading and think that a simulation would be a good start. I thought about doing this a year back but school got in the way. Now I have some free time and would like to put my focus on learning about futures trading. I am hoping this thread can act as a Q and A for new and prospective traders. My first question is: Where can I find up to date and historical information on commodity, currency, energy, index... Futures prices? For the purpose of my analysis and simulation I will need these and can't seem to find them. Hoping some of you can help me out
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    Quit now. Get a job at Starbucks or something. You don't have a chance. Trading isn't for the stupid and lazy. The answer to your questions can be answered with some basic research by those with half a brain, a little initiative, and an internet connection.
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    wow you're an asshole
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    he's just telling it how it is. the julian character in the post before mine is 14 years old and he has all this stuff figured out. google is your friend, along with the exchange websites.

    you could also try out ninjatrader, which is a good simulator.

    if you've just graduated college and can't work this industry out on your own, you're pretty much screwed