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Discussion in 'Journals' started by wolfen, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. wolfen


    I thought it would be interesting to post my intial trades. I intend to put on one position today, provided I have good signs. So keep coming here to see me crash and burn or make money. No matter what, I am gonna have fun trying this out!! Later...
  2. wolfen


    ok, first trade!

    bought 500 OPWV @ $15.56 9:45am
  3. wolfen, don't you mean $16.56 instead of $15.56? OPWV hasn't traded below $16.00 today...yet.

    Also, what's your reasoning behind this entry?

    Good luck on your trading!
  4. dbphoenix


    Shouldn't this be in Journals?
  5. wolfen


    sold OPWV 500 @16.84 2:00pm

    Trade results: 640.00 minus commissions
  6. wolfen


    yes indeed Marketdog, the purchase price was $16.56... I will correct the entries as soon as I can AFTER I get some FOOD in me! hehehehee
  7. ig0r


    Also, adjust your results. Entry at 16.56 would give you 140.00 - coms, good job for first trade.
  8. wolfen


    Here is the trade with the correct price info:

    bought 500 OPWV @ 16.56 9:45am
    sold 500 OPWV @ 16.84 2:00pm

    gross proceeds of transaction: $140.00
  9. Mecro


    I'm looking at the chart and your entry and exit and I would not say that was a good trade, at least not for me. You made money though, which is cool.

    You should have got out before 11 pm. Overall Im looking at this stock and it seems like today it did crap. Not much to be made there.

    You got in early though around the daily support so it seemed like a good position. But Im surprised you held it for that long. I would have got out anyway just because it's never worth to hold on to such positions. On such a low volume day, a single large seller can unexpectedely plummet this stock.

    Not bad for a first trade.
  10. wolfen


    Sorry folks, I put on no trades Thursday of Friday, just sat and studied the negative market trends, and considered several shorts with paper trades.

    Hope to have a pick of two for Monday... thanks for the comments too!! :)
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