New trader still learning/demo, very lonely, tried to talk to friends about it

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    Hi everyone, I'm currently a still in training newbie, going through tutorials as well as pipsology school. I'm currently learning the basics of forex, and although a bit overwhelming at times, found it very fun to be successful(in mt4 demo account), with actual applications of strategy that I've been reading and watching about. I'm currently still part time in college while learning trading, and have tried giving positive feedback to my friends about trading. However, they see it more as gambling and something in a negative light. It's kind of depressing, and as I googled "lonely trader" this forum was the first place that'd popped up. It was nice(well depressing isn't nice obviously) to see that people were feeling the same way I was. In any case, it's nice to meet you all. I'm hoping I can become a successful trader myself. Take care.
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    Who cares if your friends are interested in trading. Their view that trading is gambling is accurate in most cases. Talk to them about stuff they are interested in. Come here to discuss trading :) If you are lonely, it is not because of trading. Get out, enjoy your college years, get laid, have fun!!
  3. loool trading is EXTREMELY lonely even amongst traders everyone disagrees with everyone
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    Well... there's really a problem with that, I'm a Computer Science major, and the workload is pretty tough, however, this is the first semester where I'd been so burned out to the point where I am forcing myself to take only two classes. I don't seem to have a problem talking to women, in fact I found myself going so crazy today at home, trying to study, I was yapping nearly everyone I possibly could as I was turning paperwork in at my university, lol. I may just be going insane. So there may be a possibility I can try dating, yes let's hope so.
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    that is funny because I'm not sure whether you're being sarcastic or serious, lol.
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    he is serious ! Trading is an extremely lonely business; get used to it or find another hobby ...
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    trading is very personal, rather boring, alone and lonely.

    If you must talk and chit chat every now and then, then trading is not for you.
    Because you need to concentrate 101% on trading.
    You have to glue your backside to the chair, and eye to the computer screen during trading.

    So either you change your mindset, or you change your career.

    Occasionally I'd chat on ET but actually it is not a good habit.
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    Yeah, if you like being surrounded by people trading prolly wont work out.
    If like me after a short while you want everyone to bugger off and to be left in peace, it will suit you.
    Too many people in your face is a distraction. At least with ET you can shut down ET in a second, with people yapping in your ear it gets more difficult being polite and asking for space.
    I recall many many years ago telling an ex girlfriend she wouldn't see me the next weekend as I wanted to spend time on coding. She was so adamant that the real reason was I wanted to flirt with another woman that I blew a foo foo valve and I told her "get lost". That fixed the problem, no more girl friend, had to find a replacement.
    (Someone told me much later, that when she was dating me she was actually also screwing another guy :) )
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    Hahah... you must be a rookie Mickey.
    Thats the very first sign they're cheating..... when they accuse you. :D
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  10. You have no choice but to do what is interesting for you.So relax..
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