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    I recently retired and am interested in learning more about trading. I used to dollar cost average into a diversified portfolio managed by a financial adviser, but ended that relationship after almost half of my account disappeared during the 2007/2008 decline. Since then, I have tried some stock-picking services with marginal results and am mostly in cash.

    Now that I have more time, I would like to trade on my own. I am interested in all forms of trading including long-term, short-term, stocks, ETFs, bonds and options. I am reluctant to trade futures or forex due to what I have read about the risk.

    I believe in education and am not naive enough to believe I can learn everything out of a book, although I have read several on investing. I am willing to pay for the education if I can find someone who is a successful trader. I live near St. Louis, but could travel for training if necessary.
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    What do you bring to the table? Successful traders don't need your money. Honest question.
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    good reply.....
  4. I as a trader would be far more impressed if a guy came to me asking to learn

    And he showed knowledge of how FED prints and loans money to US. How currency war is waged by IMF against other countries.

    How NATO is Rothschild tool for world domination. To get everyone into debt thus under control.

    That is the student I would be willing to teach.

    not some selfish kid looking to buy a Porsche as soon as he can :cool:

    You want to be best. Put some heart into your work. Not everything is about driving hot cars and banging hot women.
  5. What do you want to trade?

    What size of account?

    How often?

    What are your expectation?

    Are you aware of the high failure rate?
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    this could be baron drumming up posts
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    After reading the replies he probably figured out that he'd posted in the wrong forum and went elsewhere.

    Good luck, but just be very careful. There are so many crooks out there.
  9. would be far more impressed if you settled on one alias...
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    well PM me and I'll tell you :p :p
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