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  1. Hi everyone I am a new trader trading for about 6 months at a prop firm in NYC. Wondering if anyone had any advice on any prop firms in NYC that are reliable and have good training and invest time in their traders. Also I anyone knows of any site good for job postings other than craigslist. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank You..
  2. I suggest FNYS, First New York Securities...if you're looking for a multi year training program and possibly a salary. When you're ready to go on your own, give me a call.

  3. Hi I appreciate your input, and checked out FNY securities homepage and guess thats not the fit for me. Actually looking for a prop firm where I can trade firm capital and also a place that invest time into their traders. I have a good foundation of trading skills, and really good money management and discipline. The last two come from playing poker for 3 years. Which I believe are the most important skills to have as a trader. Also I am thinking of going on my own but dont think I am confident enough to do so yet. You have any other suggestions for prop firms in NYC any help will be appreciated.
  4. Training, salary, and growth potential..

    Not many "jobs" these has eliminated so many from the older prop firms.

    Agree about the poker skills, and if you're doing well, it shouldn't take too long to build up a bankroll....come on out to Vegas, LOL.

  5. IF I come to VEgas it wont be to trade its gonna be to play full time. I knew nothing about poker 3 years ago and read all the books I could get my hands on. And now I can play with my eyes closed. Whats your advice on going on my own. Been trading at this prop firm HLV for 5 months got some training and made alot of mistakes and learned alot on my own. Was trading one stock and believe I can make alot of money in it. I am working hard to learn more everyday. Just either have to find the right place or put up my own money. I am a bit confused right now. Needall the help i can get.
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