New Trader in need of advice.

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  1. Ok, so I'm a new trader... only been trading live for a few days. I had been restricted to GM in 100 share clips, but I have performed decently so I am soon going to be allowed to trade other equities with the restriction that each security has an average daily volume of 5 million shares. As I said, I am a new trader, and thusfar have only taken my seven... so NYSE stocks only. Any help woud be greatly appreciated.


    The Boy Plunger :cool:
  2. so what is your question?

  3. same thing i was thinking
  4. Sorry if I was unclear... I have to choose ten securities to trade... I need advice as to which to choose. Required; minimum volume of 5 million shares a day. Any reccomendations?
  5. And the question is?
  6. Ebo


    Perhaps a normal name and concise questions might evoke a response?
  7. Cut the kid some slack...

    Is Ebo a normal name? Sounds like some cheap product they sell you late at night on tv. "You not only get one Ebo, but we are giving you another free cause our products are so cheap" :p

    As for Boy Plunger, it was the nickname for the great but tragic Jesse Livermore, so the fact he picked it shows a least a spark of ambition. :)

    As for stocks kid, take a look at GS, IBM, APA... try those out, if they are not your style pick.. maybe look at some ETFs..


  8. That is not the good question :
    The good question is when to stay away from the market :D.

  9. gs is a good stock ; specialist is quite fair, good correaltion with spus. c is ok,although a bit slow some times. ibm specialist plays a lot of games, imho. in general, find somehting with a good correaltion to spus,as that can be your trigger.
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