New Trader- Hello, and I need some help

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by studenttrader, May 1, 2006.

  1. I found this forum a little while ago, and I've liked what I've read, so I figured, why not register. I wasn't sure which forum to put this post in, but seeing as it kind of has to do with career trading, I figured this was the best spot.

    I'm currently in high school, and I plan on going on to pursue a career in finance. Anyway, I also come with another motive; I'm looking for something to do over the summer, hopefully in the field of finance. Now, I've sent out cover letters to quite a few people in the New York area, but no response. Do any of you guys have any tips on how to get a position at a firm? Said position could be paid or unpaid. Any help you can provide me would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time
  2. Are you at least 18?
  3. Get a caddy job during the Summer at a golf course.
  4. Cheese


    Use all your time to progress your education. Get yourself a first class degree at an Ivy League college. Use it to get into a big firm. Keep going as fast as you can. And don't stop until you've become a very highly paid Wall Street office stiff.
  5. I'm 17. Why would this be a problem for a basic internship position? I'd just watch an d learn, and do some basic administrative tasks no? I understand that you need to be licensed to do a lot of things, but I don't see why that would be a barrier to a basic position.

    And in response to cheese, I do plan on the Ivy education, but I'd like to do something now, get my feet wet if you will, before I make the big decision of entering the world of full-time jobs and 100-hour work weeks.

    Thanks for the responses guys, keep them coming if you can. :)
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    did you get into an ivy league?
  7. Go travel around the world on your parents tab. I really wish I did this more in high school. I went to Amsterdam in high school and had a very good time with my friends.
  8. To even start trading at 17, you'll need to sign on the account w/ your parents sense you are not 18 yet.

    - nathan
  9. Thanks for all your replies. It does seem like I am too young to start trading just yet.

    Anyway, this does not deter me; my goal is to start trading with some disposable income (say $5000) in two years time. Until then I plan to read everything I can about trading (I'd like to be as informed as I can be). Do you guys have any recommendations on what to read?

    I understand the basics of long and short positions, but beyond that is a grey area (I still don't quite get options). Any and all books/papers would be very helpful.

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    The unfortunate thing about trading, as opposed to the majority of other fields of endevour, is that even if you read everything, it's still not enough. And on top of that, must of what you can read about trading has very little value; it's typically written by some guy who ulterior motive is to promote his pay service.

    The barriers for entry to trading are low, but to be consistently profitable is very difficult.

    If you'll search the ET forums you'll find lots of book recommendations.

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