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  1. mktman


    Looking to purchase or build new system.
    Looking for ideas others have.
    Anybody care to share components used in a new system build?


  2. I've been searching previews, reviews, comparing, shopping around, ect.. and finally, came up with :
    ASUS P4B533 i845E (onboard snd)
    Celeron 1.7 Ghz (no need for P4)
    512 M DDR Ram
    A real nice looking chassis... but still dreaming of Lian Li :(

    So far, I have the chassis, and the mobo, I'll get the CPU and the memory ... hopefully tomorrow. I'm still debating on the video card :mad: , but I think I'll go with the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128 Mgs
    (the rest of the parts will be canibalized from my old tower)

    Cheers!! :)
  3. gnome


    1. OS. Win2000 or XP Pro. Win 98/Me is NOT a good choice for a trading computer.
    2. Adequate RAM... 512mb probably enough.
    3. If multiple monitors, check with card mfr specs to be sure all will work as you want. You can't presume all cards will work together.
    4. Fast connection to trade execution. Dial-up may be OK, but many prefer broadband.

    After that, it's all pretty much generic. :D
  4. Amkeer


    Go with:

    XP1600 or xp1800 AMD

    MSI motherboard

    512 ddr ram crucial

    40gb hd Seagate 7200

    Antec case sx860

    Good video


    All the above should set you back less than $600.

    :D :D
  5. Can you be spcific about which model of MSI motherboard.

    I'm thinking build a new system and just reading some stuff to understand what I need.

    If I use cable modem with dial-up back up do I need to purchase anything (say router or something) for this setup?
  6. After reading, I come up with this list for my to-be-built system,

    OS: 2000 Pro
    CPU: P4 or Athlon XP
    Motherboard: not sure, do know it needs to be compatible with CPU
    Memory: DDR speed compatiable with FSB of motherboard.
    Video card: Matrox with 4 ports, don't know model yet
    Network card: 3com, don't know model yet
    Hard Drive: 1, 40-80 Gig 7200
    Case: ATX
    Monitors: 4, CRT, 19inch flat screen, NEC or Sony depends on price
    CD RW: 1, any brand
    Floppy and other little things.
    Places to shop: newegg and pricewatch

    Appreciate your advice, thanks.
  7. stokhack


    anyone using the matrox card for four monitors, or does it require two cards, two monitors each?
  8. ok I finally upgraded one of my home computers

    Took out the floppy drive, cd RW drive and hard drive from my old computer

    Went down to one of the computer stores I found in the local computer magazine's you can find at any Barnes and Noble

    Bought a MSI motherboard 648 Max -L motherboard
    A fan/ Heatsink
    a 2.6 pent 4 chip

    512 DDR memory
    grabbed an old video card stuck in my closet
    and a incredible box that has 2 extra fans, 350 watts and a see though side with a neon light.

    I can upgrade the chip anytime I want to easily by just popping in a new one.

    This thing is fast. Total came to about $550 much less than anything I'd ever find from Dell or Circuit City.

    Installation is rather easy. You have to find the power supply from the box to the mother board. Than you just connect the wires.

    This thing used to be a Celeron 700 MHZ. What a difference.
  9. we use them exclusively in our San Diego office.
    One card 4 monitors.
  10. IBM 286, 1 MB Ram, Amber Monitor.

    We don't need no stinking mouse at Bright.
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