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  1. For those that is some news for those of us in Canada.

    Questrade Announces Software Licensing Agreement with US-Based Direct Access Broker CyberTrader®
    Provides Questrade Clients with Premiere Direct Access Technology
    Toronto, Ontario - August 7, 2002 – Questrade, one of Canada’s leading direct access firms, announced today that it has reached an agreement with CyberTrader Inc. to provide Questrade clients with access to CyberTrader’s CyberX2 and CyberTrader Pro execution platforms for US Equity trading.

    “We are extremely excited about offering CyberTrader’s cutting edge technology and direct access capabilities to our customers, “ said Edward Kholodenko, President of Questrade. “Questrade’s goal has always been to provide its traders with the best tools currently available when they execute trades, and the CyberTrader technology certainly helps us achieve that objective.”

    CyberTrader’s CyberX2 trading platform provides users with point and click capabilities, advanced decision support tools, including optional streaming Level II Data, as well as access to CyberXchange, a proprietary intelligent order routing capability. For more experienced traders, CyberTrader Pro offers nearly all of the functionality of CyberX2, in addition to features such as momentum indicators, analytical tools, multiple ECN books, and live charting capabilities.

    “Our decision to license our technology to Questrade comes as a direct result of the increasing demand by Canadian-based traders to have access to the most technologically advanced, easy to use trading platforms, as well as access to Questrade’s high level of customer support,” said Butch Jones, Senior Vice President of CyberTrader Inc. “CyberTrader’s premiere direct access technology coupled with Questrade’s strong customer base provides an excellent growth opportunity.

    For more information about Questrade please visit or call 1-888-QUEST-66.

    About Questrade

    Questrade, Inc. is a leading Direct Access firm in Canada and is an Ontario corporation with its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. Questrade is registered with securities commissions in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, a member of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and is a participating organization of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

    Press Contacts:

    Questrade: Edward Kholodenko - (416) 227-9876 x333
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  2. What pro firm's allow trading in Canada?

    What is with all the restrictions on this?

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  3. Why go with a pro firm? For training? For bullets?

    It seems that you can get 100% payout with same/lesser ticket charges at IB ...
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  4. Most firms require nothing.
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  5. leverage
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    good luck!~
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  7. you speaking from experience?

    2nd job here?
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  9. Donny it's been a year or two since Bright "started their paperwork" in Ontario. What's the holdup????

    What can't all your "big dollar" people get this done?
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  10. kelly74


    Don, how is this coming?
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