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    I am looking for people that are either:

    a) interested in opening a new firm in Toronto.

    b) have already started the paper work for a new firm and would like to see a great business model that would knock out all the Toronto competition.

    c) work as a group trading (or would like to) and would love to see a great model. up to 95% payout with .008-.015/share. With the greatest and latest technology offered on the street. This would include training and assistance with 7 figure producers.

    Please either PM me your details (tel, experience, and interest) or post your comments
  2. SLK, GS and Bright Trading have already filed paperwork (several months ago), and are in the process of establishing an office asap.

    When I say "good luck" I mean that seriously...there have been some new obstacles put in place that is slowing the process down. We have all the "big dollar" people in the world working on it.

    We will be offering the traders in Toronto the same deal we have in BC and in the U.S.

    None of the main firm's franchise, and if they did, they would have the same licensing concerns. This is what got a couple of firm's kicked out of Canada a few years ago. We need to be in complete compliance whenever we expand, and it does take a while.

    I will be interested in seeing how you proceed, and I wish you the best of luck!!
  3. what do traders need to trade at a pro shop in Canada? Canadian Securities Course?
  4. Our people only need the Series 7.
  5. ahh right only U.S. stocks.
  6. Canadian office open just to canadians???? Is it posible for a european citizen to work with a prop firm in the US or in Canada without a work visa permit ???

    Thanks for the answer
  7. We have several Canadians and Europeans in our offices.
  8. A foreigner does or does not need a visa to trade in the US at Bright or any other firm? If I was from Japan would I need a work visa to trade at the Bright in Las Vegas?
  9. Our Compliance officer has done some research on this, and we are currently reviewing the different rules for several countries. As of now, it is up to the individual and their country of origin to handle the INS.
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    Some professional's (INS has a list) in Canada or Mexico can get a "TN" visa through free trade (NAFTA) with only an application at the border crossing, A letter from the employer, "professional" status documentation and $50.00 - good for a year + can be extended

    I plan to go to Vegas to trade with bright (at least for a few months) and will be using this method:D
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