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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bond316, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. bond316


    Hey guys I'm new to the trading world and I met someone through a friend that said he trades for a living. He said he would teach me some stuff to help me out. He sent me a screen shot of one of his platforms. Is this real? Hard to believe...
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  2. $36 million in buying power? Looks like a simulator to me...
  3. you can see the 'D' from the word demo at the bottom of the screen
  4. cipher4d


    I didnt think Tradestation offered demo accounts? or simulated trade.
  5. With all of the backtesting required for traders who use their automated capabilities, you'd better believe Tradestation offers demo accounts ...
  6. cipher4d


    Well shows how much i knew when i had an account with them a couple years back :D
  7. Simple. Have you seen his house, his car, etc.. With a day of over $180k he should be living large. If he is living in a one bedroom shack, than its fake.
  8. bond316


    Haven't seen any of his apts or houses, cars etc...

    So this is most likely a demo account?
  9. joemiami

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    ..its definitely a demo acct. Go over his house and let us know if he lives in a "OMG this place is awesome" place or he lives in some regular and/or not so nice place. And if he were really making that kind of money he sure as hell would be driving at least a $100k car.....
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