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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Paste, Jan 15, 2003.

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    Hi, i am new to trading, as well as to this board. I have been looking around a few other threads and did a search on getting started and i didn't come up with much. I have a few questions i would like to ask, first what is swing trading? Second, are there any books you could reccomend to me? I am sure i will have many more questions, although i can't think of any right now... Thanks for your help.

    A few more- what would you reccomend to do first? does it matter that i only have a few hundred dollars? (i am still in high school)
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    Swing trading is taking a position for a longer period than a day.

    Reading: start with the book recommendations on this site. also do a search for marketsurfer and books. He put together a nice list.

    School: stay in it.
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    Intern at Bright trading ( during the summer as a way to become acquainted with trading to see if it is right for you. Trading for a living can be very boring. Also, $25K is an absolute bear-I-am-not-kidding-minimum to trade.

    As far as Swing Trading, Alan Farley wrote a book on it that covers a lot of the technique. Don't hang on to every word, most of the important stuff is in ten pages of the book.

    The only other books I would recommend is Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglass, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre, and Trade your way to Financial Freedom by Tharp.

    Honestly, figure out some way to get a degree in one can ever take that away from you, and University is TOTALLY different than High School and a blast.

    Best of Luck,

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    Thanks for the replies. I plan to stay in school, although im very unsure about what to do...
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    i like
    " Commodity Futures and Options" by Kleinman
    its a begginers text with a good overview of the futures markets...
    not too in depth but enough to get you started.

    (edit: DISCLAIMER no relation what so ever to Kleinman aside from Barnes and Noble selling me the book.)