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  1. Hello I was previously trading on the stock market in Canada from years 2014-2018. I suffered a major cyber attack that is still on going causing me to loose my focus. which in term costed me about 50million-100million in stock profits(potential) dealing with the medical marijuana to recreational marijuana industry. I poured my heart and soul into what I learned and it was taken from me unjustly by a hacker. This has caused me to fall into a deep trading depression where I no longer pay any attention to the stock market even though its a passion. I have zero training and learned everything on the fly having natural gifts towards this. my income is as followed
    $253000cnd tax free +every 2 years $33,000 +every 4 years $100,000 from a insurance settlement from a car accident when I was younger. all of this is tax free with the canadian goverment owing me about $160,000 in tax credits. nothing is taxed as its considered property in Canada. My first question is with a income such as this how successfull could I be trading. My goal is to earn about 20-40million as my original goal to earn 50million prior to the cyber breach was ruined. my shares went from 2.69cent to $400 IN 1-2 DAYS but hackers sold them on my behalf.

    2. How do I psychologically recover from an incident such as this. its destroyed my trader psychic as I don't think ill ever have the ability to make such cash in such short time with the knowledge I had.
    3.Where should I start off wise education. I plan on going to online trading accademy in sacrimental when I move to LV from Windsor Ontario Canada(dual citizenship).
    4. Could anyone point me in the right direction this is the first day in years I have confronted my anxiety about loosing so much in a unjust manner.
    5. With my income can anyone explain what the relates to in terms of buying power and trading power how much should I set aside for trading. my income is GUARENTEED FOR LIFE UNTIL I DIE BEING AN ANNUNITY PAYMENT
    6.Any other words of encouragement will help

    God bless you and thank you
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    the what now
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    What kind of injury?
    And how could hackers steal from your brokerage?
    With that much it sounds like you could just...invest and hold and even get dividends.
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  4. First of all, potential stock profits are not real. The only thing that's real is the net liquidation value of your account.

    Second, if you have dual citizenship don't you have to pay tax in the US on the annuity? US will tax you wherever you are based on global income.

    Third, I recommend you do your due diligence when it comes to online trading my experience they charge a lot of money for their training and you may not be any better off afterwards.

    Fourth, with that kind of income you can use a fairly conservative strategy to build up some serious wealth over time. Setting aside $100K per year trading a strategy that gives you 10% returns gives you about $6.4M in 20 years, all while living off $150K US per year (sounds pretty sweet to me). Having a stock go from 3 cents to $400 in a few days is a once in a lifetime event.....don't expect this to happen again.
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  5. First I want to thank everyone for being so polite to me its so refreshing to know that humanity has many good people more than bad people just bad people leave a lasting imprint as thier actions are so extreme we can't forget them hence we give bad people the power of eternity/immoratlity

    Now that I said that let me explain more

    my injury is an aquired brain injury(despite having a serve head injury I am beyond skilled in areas and will be opening my own company called project destiny to teach people how to find and embrace their own personal destiny God has made for us)

    I was using td online trading not a brokerage I dont even know what one is yet(I know i'm noobish but I made all the right decisions of instinct research common sense morality and other mitigating factors in my prior trading life.) they stole it by using an advanced computer program I can't talk about it because Im being silenced by foes of the HIGHEST OF RANK. this program let them see what I see basically no not basically it was/is the prism program in effect technically speaking. they got my password and card number and logged on and sold my shares before my stop orders could be executed. this left a serve emotional scar way more than my car accident( I died 4 times) as I remember months before this sitting on my computer chair realising than thinking "I can make as much money as I want truely. hmm how much money should I make." I settled on $50 million as thats an okay life style for me and my personality ( I give away about 40% of my income thats my passion and part of my destiny)

    so to end this maul over these. 1 losing the money was DIVINE INTERVENTION and my Destiny. I was destined to have this happen to me quite literally ( I know I sound crazy but when you realise your part of something much bigger than yourself and your own understanding as yee should lean not on their own understanding. You become entranced in the most beautiful of ways half of my typing I was in a trance literally as this is my destiny right here right now. I implore you all to help me make my destiny a reality and I will give you your destiny.
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  7. You related to Aquarians? :rolleyes:
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    I recommend for you specifically to use Robinhood, as it is incredibly simple.
    Use 2FA to ward off hackers.
    Buy SPY and only SPY.
    Invest any other money in rehabilitative psychiatric and mental health, as head trauma has many lingering effects.
  9. Your advice is so emotional to me thank you for sharing your time. I honestly feel like the last piece of a complex puzzle was placed and now we see the whole picture. You did that. Bravery is understated in this day and age so is valor I believe at least I hope i'm proven wrong. I am now officially a man and a reborn person reading what you wrote. I will be going to the proper "ahem school" for treatment before this post I was not going to go for anything. I am praying very hard very soon that the Lord rewards you somehow or gives you something you always wanted I hope he can grant us a andy defrane moment cause thats what is happening
  10. %%
    OK rise TT2021+ get something in addition to an annuity\they dont pay much
    Heartbreaks happen. I also report thefts to sheriff and or SEC.
    TRY reading Proverbs +Jack Schwager Top Trading books/me too.:cool::cool:,:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:
    Good question..............................................................................
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