New to trading - Got a bunch of books. Scared to learn outdated things.

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    Save a space for me at milk and cookies hour.
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  2. I think it's cool that you are defending the use of Fibonacci numbers/retracements/whatever for trading purposes and taking yourself seriously. Not everyone can pull that off.
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    You may be thinking of Carolyn Baroden, Connie Brown was mentored by George Lane and has been both an institutional and personal account trader for decades. I don't know her but a good trader friend knows her real well and speaks very highly of her and her skills....and earning power.
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    Carolyn was taught by Bob Miner to trade fib time and price clusters. I took a look at the stuff years ago but never went there and don't consider myself qualified to judge.
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    And you on the other hand just think you are cool. But instead are just clueless.

    Admit it. You don't know how to use fibs so therefore in your mind no one else does.
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    Same here, very much so: to me it's the same as astrology, homeopathy and Elliott waves (well, he would, wouldn't he? [​IMG] ), but equally I might just be seeing if I can offend four groups of people all in one sentence. [​IMG]

    (I sometimes risk referring them to that Lock Haven University page, but either they don't read it and/or they say "So what? That has nothing to do with how I use them to trade". [​IMG] )
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    Ohhhh Xela ya got me. Pulled out the academia card. Do any of those folks have a Nobel or two like those smarties at LTCM? And here I thought you were better than the ones who have nothing better to do than mock what they don't know.

    I've posted this before and just like the last time it will be over some people's head.

    Are the levels exact to the tick or in the case of fib time projections to the day, of course not. Well actually some of the timing is EXACT to the day. In any case are the waves tradeable? IMHO they are and they would be if any of us were around in 1929, when this PA took place ("The Crash of '29", some of you may of heard of it) .... long before fibs and Elliott Wave came on the scene so so much for the other nonsense bs that they are self-fulfilling. And then there is also divergence in the 5-35-5 Osc which of course was also not around then 1929.png :
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Sure you're qualified to judge. On its face, Fibonacci trading smacks of predetermination. Do you believe in predetermination? Oh, and there's always a trading Fib "level" nearby because there are apparently so many to choose from; some reportedly more important than others. All you have to do is look at a historic chart and find the one that would have worked. It's really a lot of fun. Just ask FunTrader.
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  10. That's pretty deep, bro. Lucky I didn't step in it.

    Ever heard of narrative fallacy and hindsight bias?
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