New to trading - Got a bunch of books. Scared to learn outdated things.

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    Whatever you do don't read No. 2 on the list. Nothing worthwhile. Burn it. I mean its written by a woman after all.

    A woman, Constance Brown, who has traded for many years institutional money and has a daily global advisory service.

    But you should probably listen to all posters trashing the list. They know.
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  2. I am ex-online poker pro(cash games), as you must know you do not learn to be a winner in poker by reading books. Trading is like poker, it's about making the best decisions in each "hand"(trade), and learning from mistakes.
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    You are only trashing this book because it was written by a woman??!! LOL Be careful you are gonna end up on the #MeToo list! Something bad is gonna happen to you when #TimesUp! They are watching...LOL

    This woman's actually got some stuff. She used to work for Eastman Kodak company and Eastman Kodak was going to release their new product which was digital camera but at the end decided not to; she wrote them an executive report telling them that's a big mistake, Eastman Kodak company didn't listen to her so she resigned and went to work in Wall Street. We all know what happened to Eastman Kodak Co.? They went bankrupt after 20 years.

    She's CMT and actually uses technical analysis when managing her funds. Her results is audited and her market calls are documented. Institutions study her. I don't recommend reading any of the books because I believe in learning by doing but I wouldn't single her book out.
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  4. This list is definite proof that technical analysis doesn’t work! The original owner, the poor bastard never did find the golden goose he was looking for!
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    What? I can’t believe! The no reader is recommending someone read all these books??:D
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    Less books, more trading.

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    I thought my post was dripping with enough sarcasm - directed at the book bashers and NOT obviously against Constance Brown whatsoever who I respect a helluva lot and WHY I singled her book out - that anyone could see it.

    Guess not.
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    volpri is the weather in boca raton? I have Constance Browns book.
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  9. Rule number one in trading: Make sure Uranus is covered!
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    Yup got it and another.

    Anyone who says you can't learn how to trade from a particular book is right. Accumulated knowledge is the point of reading something whether or not it is related to the task at hand. Though you knew that already.

    But it's always Sunny in Philadelphia Boca. 73° thanks for asking.
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