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  1. Hey guys so just wanted to ask around on the forum and see how good of a field this is. I'm currently a cop and as of last year I realized it' not for me. What I'm interested in is not just money, I make fine money now, but more towards a career that gives me freedom and rewards you for your hard work. I have to pass the series 7 to get a advisor job as of right now.

    I'm trying to study the series 7 and holy crap it' so much stuff how do people do this with no background whatsoever?

    Anyone in my shoes before, are you happy with the change? I'm 26 so I wanna find my niche
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    Do you have a 4 year degree? What broker will sponsor you for the 7? You will have to take a lot more than your 7 to make it as as advisor. You will also need your Series 66 and insurance exam. Then , you will need training to know more than your clients.

    Not a quick solution. Takes years to build a business that way.
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  3. Hey thanks for the response, I found a BD willing to sponsor me for the 7 and was told as long as I have the 7 it covers the 6. I will allowed to keep my current job until I build my book of business. The owner of the firm is willing to mentor I just need the 7 lincese.
  4. This group has a habit of not being very positive. Best of luck and after you get registered - let us know and we'll try to send some business your way !
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  5. Hey thanks for the support
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    Financial Advisor is a sales position so start marketing yourself. As far as S7, read the material once or twice then concentrate on questions at the end of each chapter and previous test questions, do them 6 or 7 times you'll have no problem passing the test.
  7. I will I'm up to options and it's alot
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    The number 1 question you have to ask and answer yourself is....where am I going to get clients ?!! There is no right answer, but there must be an answer.
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  9. Well I was gonna start with fam and friends then just cold call honestly.
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    It is old school but many have done it that way.

    But, not knowing who your friends and family are, unless they are really going to back you and move substantial assets to you to manage that route may be limiting.

    Cold calling is highly regulated these not call lists need to be crossed ref , etc.

    Most new FA's are coming from other careers and trying to network those contacts, with mixed results.

    Will the owner of the firm be willing to transition clients to you ?
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