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  1. I am new to stock market world and I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can. If you aren’t knowledgeable or if you are new as well please don’t give me your advice. I have already started investing. I need advice on how to become successful in the stock market.
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    If you've already started investing, then you must have taken your own advice on how to become successful?
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    It is actually rather simple. Buy before the stock price starts going up and then sell before its price starts going down. Focus on those two things and you will do fine.
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    ^This is good advice.

    You can still succeed even if you only get the second half down. Even if you're in late and missed out on some gains; get good at risk management and you can size accordingly to compensate. Long-term B&H stocks is grossly inefficient since you constantly have to carry around a 3+ sigma risk budget for that one time you need it every few years. The other 99/100 days it's just dead weight on your capital efficiency.
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    May I ask how do I know they are going up or down?
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    After all, it is a bull market.
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    ((I gotta write this shit down!)) :wtf:
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    In theory it sounds beautiful but I wonder why 95% active managers can’t beat the sp500 lol. And if you’d simply b&h the NDX (aka qqq) from 1986 when the NDX was born but qqq was born later. Annualized return of 12.5% is basically unbeatable. Unless you get very lucky finding Buffett or Paul Tudor Jones and invest with them from very early.

    I’d be happy to hear counter arguments but I’d tell the OP. I have posted a few times on financial freedom. Formulas that are repeatable even if you are a plumber. Then on the side you can take your time and study the market.
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    long = room for error
    Short = have to be exact.

    On average.

    Since the first day I looked at the market back in 1993 when you got pricing from a quotron or a newspaper.
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    Below are some of the tips you can follow to become a successful stock trader:
    • Buy And Hold Good Stocks
    • Do Not Overemphasize P/E Ratio
    • Stick To One Strategy
    • Don’t Worry Too Much About Taxes
    • Always Put a Stop Loss to Your Trading
    • Keep Emotions in Check
    • Do Not Over-trade
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