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  1. Hello,
    I am new to the Forex. I have been with FX Trading since the beginning of the year. Pretty standup organization. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. Good or Bad. I went with them because they offer 1 pip fixed on usd majors. I have made some money and lost some money, but as of right now I am up 1200$, from my initial investment of 10k. Just looking to see if anyone has heard of them. I have been reading on here for a few weeks and there are some horror stories with many brokers. Any feedback would be great. If you are looking for a decent broker I would recommend them to anyone. So far so good.. Thanks
  2. new to trading or just new to spamming?
  3. trading bro.. New to this site as well.. Thx for the great reply.. Looking for helpful info, not useless.. Funny I ask if anyone had any experience with my broker, and I am spamming. If you have heard of them reply, or if you know a broker offering something better reply, scams reply.. Other than that.....
  4. typical spammer response - yawn

    lets see how long you can go without mentioning your bucket shop or getting banned.
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  6. listen man,, idk wtf you are talking about.. Bucket shop?? I will tell you one thing your definately turning me off to this site. I make a post and get nothing but grief. As a matter of fact MR. Dick.. I was going with FXCM till I read many many shitty stories. I went with who I went with bc they are in the same state as I am and the spreads are good, almost 0 negatice responses from peace army.. I can actually drive there and see live people... I am not on here trying to pitch people to go with fx trading.. Simply on here to learn and post. Share my results and performance. If you got a problem man go to a moderator.. WTF is your problem??? Too much time on your hands??
  7. Are you referring to Fxtrading or Interbank Group in Norwood, Massachusetts?
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