New to stock picking - setting up a watchlist

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  1. Hi all,

    I am a novice to stock trading and I have few questions for you guys:

    • Where do you set up a watchlist

    • How many stocks should you have

    • How do you choose stocks

    • How often is it updated

    • Where do you trade

    Thank you!..
  2. you know you have the answers..
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    Well what kind of stocks do you want? Small growth, large value, or something in between? It is impossible to have a stock picking approach without an overall investment philosophy. You need to tell us how aggressive or conservative you want to be.
  4. I am trying to figure out what I want to do, but for starters I'm thinking to set-up 2 lists: one for buy&hold (growth) and another for intra-day/break-out trading.
  5. Start out with some stocks you like. Add a couple of related stocks to the ones you like.

    Add a couple biggies (I use WMT and MCD) to see how they follow the market. Put in a financial stock or two, for the same reason.

    As you read the news or you get an idea, add it.
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  7. this is an awesome site, the best i've seen so far but i wasn't able to create a virtual portfolio and track my results. any suggestions?
  8. what is a recommended account size for a beginner and what kind of stocks should i trade and how many shares of each? or should i start with ETFs? :eek:
  9. I like to have a watchlist of leading stocks in each sector, plus any stocks that are hot or in the news that day. I also keep a longer list of stocks in key sectors I follow. It is useful to see at a glance which ones are leading, lagging, etc.
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