New to Sierra Chart and about to give up on them

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    I recently signed up with Sierra Chart as I keep hearing great things about the software and since I wanted a better Market Profile platform I decided to go for it. After reading through their documentation I signed up with Denali data Package 11 (using AMP as a broker). After almost 20 messages back and forth with support I still can't figure out how to access my futures account and at the same time see real time US equities data. I asked them a bunch of times which services/feeds I need to activate butI never get a straight answer. Instead they ask me snarky questions and send me links with tons of sublinks and unneeded information.

    I've used MANY platforms throughout the years and I've never a experience anything like this.

    Does anyone have any insight before I give up on them?
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    I usually don't contact any help desks unless it is a life and death matter.

    If the platform is not user-friendly, abandon it.
    look for a more user-friendly platform.
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  3. I'm about ready to give up on them myself because their continuous contracts using CQG data are so inaccurate they are impossible to use, so I have to use another platform for charting anything going beyond the current contract. Ridiculous to ask us to pay for another data feed (Denali) to get historical data. Other platforms provide accurate historical data with CGQ, such as Ninjatrader, for no extra cost.

    I've been with them a long time and they used to provide accurate historical data for no extra fee. Since they've started charging monthly, they took this benefit away.

    That's really my only complaint. The platform seems to execute quicker than some other platforms and there is a lot of functionality that is better than some other platforms, unless you're willing to pay more money for a higher quality platform.
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  5. I hadn't seen those threads before, thanks for sharing them.

    Well, at least we know that Sierra Chart believes in freedom of speech and uses their site to make their views known. They don't have to worry about getting a "misinformation" blurb attached to what they write on their own site, or having a post or their website deleted.

    I don't agree with all they posted, but I actually like them more now that I know they are human and have opinions they want known.
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    Seems like a strange way to win business to me.

    Never could figure out their "Sierra Chart Exchange Feed" vs "Denali Exchange Feed" (also from them).
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    from the way the interacted with me (new customer) it seems like they don't really care about new business
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    Thanks for the info. I was about to subscribe to SC. Now I will not do that.
  9. My understanding is you have to have Denali Data Feed for futures and SC Data Feed for equities. For using both, I think you get a $12/month credit.

    I am also with AMP and use Denali for futures, but also have to use CQG for routing.
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    Have you seen ?
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