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Discussion in 'Options' started by industrader, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. I am new to Trading/Options. I want to learn how to trade Options . Presently, doing my MBA in Finance with half way through and maininting 3.85 GPA. I'm not sure if it's worth going to school.(FYI, already have Master's from other country at 3.90 GPA)..

    Please advise..

    I want to work in a challenging and fast environment . I'm sick of doing 9 to 5 ...

    Any help/guidance will be highly appreciated....:confused:
  2. Gustaf


    Tell us when u make 3.85% per month :)

    Start with some good book for example McMillan on Options.

  3. MTE


    Check out the "Books" section on this site. Also read through the threads on options here, there's plenty of info.
  4. Quick... send me a check before I change my mind! Don't forget to include 1st class airfare to your locale. I require a Four Seasons stay when I am mentoring.

    Would that other country be Bangladesh?
  5. Thanks a lot MTE and Gustaf ...
    Riskarb...Thanks for offering your services..will keep you in mind..