New to futures Trading.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mike007, Nov 8, 2008.

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    I am wanting to get into trading futures. The emini's is what I want to scalp.

    I was needing information on what is a good broker for futures and what tools that you would suggest. I have thought about Lightspeed trading for futures but if anyone else knows of a good broker with low fees and good software I am willing to look into it. Thanks.
  2. why? you want to be slave to your desk all day exchanging $ for peanuts?

    why do you want to try to game the gamers??

    "scalping" is the ulitmate gaming, right?

    are you smarter than they?

    they are professionals they will tear your heart out.

    legit Q is it not?
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    Amp or Mirus might be good for you. Free data and free Ninja Trader...
  4. Trading futures is a fun and enticing game. My one suggestion is to make sure you practice before going live.

    As for a broker, check out Open ECry. I think they have a nice platform and it gets better w/ each upgrade.
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    I daytrade stocks right now but I am tired of looking though what is moving for that day. I would just like to focus on the YM and NQ and not have to worry about hundreds of stocks and what ones are moving that day.

    If you are not going to answer the question asked then shut the hell up. Besides I am probably more "professional" than you and have worked at more "professional" places.

    Only serious post please from now on.
  6. so, basically, you are getting a bit lazy and looking for easier work?

    correct me if i am wrong?

    you are setting yourself up as chum for the sharks
  7. I made the move from stocks to futures a while back and I never looked back but killthesunshine ( LOL. What do you expect from a guy with a screen name like that! ) does have a point. You are going to be entering an ocean full of sharks. Futures traders a highly skilled so you will be going up against the best of the best but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

    That being said, I don't think the broker is as important as the platform. If you are going to scalp then you have to choose a platform that will allow you to modify working orders very fast. I use Global Strategy Trader (GST) and trade through Global Futures but there are many good brokers. GST is a lite version of Strategy Runner. One of the things I could never give up is seeing my orders sitting on my charts. I can place my orders in strategic locations and modify them very quickly when needed. I traded futures with Tradestation in the past and I was a losing trader because of the platform. I found it very difficult to modify my working orders. You should definitely take a few platforms for a test drive. If you want you can hit this link and demo a few.

    The more you can treat trading futures like playing a video game the better you will be. Good luck.

  8. ======================
    Yes i also like the idea of focusing on a few. even if i look on many.

    ES,NQ are plenty liquid, but seem to be more speculators in those[than stocks];
    they tend to get long fiercer, long faster, which may bother some in a bear market.............................They are pretty good about getting short fiercer, faster in a bear market. So any tools you use, may want to reflect that.

  9. I have a question.

    I am looking for a way to replay live trading action over the weekends to practice.

    Is this possible to do for free if i use mirus futures free zen-fire data with ninja trader?!
  10. yes
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