New to Fundamental Analysis -- Book Suggestion

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  1. Hello all,

    I have been a technical based equity trader for the past 5 years. During that time I have paid little or no attention to fundamental analysis. I am interested in expanding my knowledge in this area and am hoping for a few book suggestions to help me get started. Can anyone provide a little direction for someone just starting out in fundamental analysis?

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  2. The intelligent investor.....Graham....period.
  3. doublea


    Security Analysis
    Intelligent Investor
    Buffett's Letters to Shareholders
    The Little Book that Beat the Market
    Rule #1
  4. taowave


    Check out William Oneils books as well as the others mentioned.You should have exposure to value and momentum trading..I would also highly reccomend the P123 website and product when you are ready
  5. The Idiot's Guide to Fundamentals or The Dummies Guide to Fundamentals. Jack Schwager authored a book having to do with fundamentals. If you've been making money with technicals, don't be distracted with fundamentals. You'll only be burdening yourself with useless "knowledge".
  6. But since people generally don't make money with technicals, reverse that and study fundamentals.

    Just don't hope to apply it to very short term trading.