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Discussion in 'Options' started by gnode, May 22, 2011.

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    New to the forum.

    Been beating the S&P500 since 2006 (when I had any money to work with).

    Currently working ~98k. $48k in my options account. Most recent string of trades:

    I am a project manager at a software company by day, options trader (spread seller) by day when boss not looking. Austrian economist by night.

    Usually do credit spreads, diagonal calls (~57% on MA long 2011/2012 calls @ 195 strike while selling current month $245-260 calls for a few months). Fair bit of covered calls along the way, but definitely in favor of diagonal calls for increased leverage/yield.

    Got real jittery in April. Russell 2000, which as been my focus of late, got way too rich for my blood.

    I like to approach premium selling as an insurance business and I am not willing to sell insurance on this market, so I am currently waiting for better valuations.

    My long term goal is to get into the interactive brokers portfolio account, borrow $500k, and reduce my yield targets/increase my probabilities and do 1-2% a month returns.

    So, whats up?

  2. whats up?.....
    bad jokes by spin,
    fawns from dona,
    azz kicks from attikuz,
    "dont touch this" from hoco,

    welcome to the forum....
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    Thats retarded. He's talking about 1-2% return on his equity or account, which is respectable.

    You are still talking about one trade you made like 6 weeks ago (and a 1 lot at that). Why not mention your starbucks trade too, where you lost 100%?

    Also, he's not looking for people who edit their loser posts into winners.

    This isn't a game where the person who happens to buy the 5 cent option that makes some money wins.
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    Those are impressive, but my goals are reliable and consistent profits.

    Right now on my credit spreads I have been going for 3-8%. When I do a diagonal call, I look for a ~5-10% monthly yield on the short call with room for 10-15% capital gains on the long call.

    I have to travel a lot for work and I am not always near a computer. So I need ~90%+ probability to not worry. Also, I don't day trade. Usually just set my trades up from the month and leave them alone.
  5. Do you have a link? (I think I made about 15%)

    PS ..... Nothing wrong with 100% loss, because maximum reward far surpasses the maximum risk

    Do you have a link?

    It's all about making money with options. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. newwurldmn

    If a 700% gain is great then isn't a 100% loss terrible?
    The post you edited:

    The post you got caught:

    That's my point. It's about making money, not about who bought the tiny option and made money on it ignoring all his other trades.
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    Good job in managing that risk. I personally liked that trade. I thought it was good risk reward.

    Response to the other set of threads?

    Response to my comment about total pnl and the pnl of one position?