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Discussion in 'Forex' started by genzku, May 24, 2006.

  1. genzku


    I'm very new to trading...I'm trying to get a grasp on support and resistance

    I've managed to see signals combining moving day averages and bollinger curves as well as watching the RSI of certain currancies...I understand somewhat what support and resistance stand for but setting it up evades me...I have a little bit of understanding fibbonochi but would love to learn just a little bit more...

    I do manage to squeeze a daily average of 70 pips but It's no good if I don't understand more as I could also lose that much...

    If someone could through a little advice I definately appreciate it...


    the other day on my practice account I was trading 5 currencies and got 200 pips but Didn't know exactly all the details why...
  2. 70 pips a day. ....

    you have all you need. I would suggest helping with world hunger or something.
  3. genzku


    I could only wish....

    this morning I woke up and I I had several stops in for 8 currencies...some stopped out but still don't know the details of setting support and resistance...the total amout of pips I think was about 27 from when I went to bed 3am to when I got up at 8:31
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    The Thing is, is that I just don't know what I did....I tried to explain some of it to an fx training person, and his reply was "please show me, would you like a job..." haha, But I would love to know how this happened
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    oops I meant to type 5 currencies....miss typed

    " had several stops in for 8"