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  1. What is the tightest pip spread in pairs and at what time?????
    And what time frames do you guys use to trade becouse I know you can't scalp like in equities due to the pip spread.
    Also what is the best time to trade ANY pair in NYC it is Eastern time zone.
  2. You can scalp.
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    Best time to trade depends on strategy and Currency pair.

    I trade Eur/USd (the most liquid) and GBP/USd. From 6AM EST to 13:00 EST. But I've done some "through the night" trades as well. USD/JPY is good at night.

    Anyway, I use IB and scalping is very easy. The Pip spread on Eur/USD is between .5 to 2. Average is 1 to 1.5. GBP/USD 1 to 3 pips with avg of 2.

    But with IB, rather than charging you the spread, they charge a very small commision. You can profit off 1 pip if you're trading a min of 100,000.

    IB = interactive brokers.
  4. yeah I know what you are talkihng about but some spread for example like AUd/USD are like 10 pip spread which is wrong, I was just wondering which one of the pairs is the most easiest to trade????
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    Most lliquid, tightest spreads.
  6. 10 pip? Only on weekends.

    Read this then ask some questions.

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    THe thing with IB is the 2 % margin to expenssive...
    50:1 is to low.. is the a way to change it ?