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    My Biggest Mistake in Trading FX or Anything Else (or What I Did This Summer)

    Focusing on making money instead of trading well. Big diff. Big mistake. There are lots and lots of jobs out there that you can do well and not love, in fact you can detest them. Trading is a different animal; I don't see how a trader can go thru all the study and failure and trial & error w/o having some kind of genuine passion for the undertaking. It's a lot of fucking work to simplify it, to sort thru all the reams of information and find your own way within it all. It has to be about more than making money and being independent, you have to love the act of trading. You will be frustrated, you will be bored, you will be giddy and you will be despondent, you will want to give in and give up, but if you've got the bug, your talent will out. Eventually.

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  2. Well Said.

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  3. is it going? You opened up this thread and never once contributed other than your opening post...I am curious how it is going for you and your thought on the comments in this thread would be nice?

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