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    I've read most of the threads about the Eurostoxx and am interested in trading these. Just wondering if these are as tradable now as they were a few months ago. I've been trading US equities/futures for about 4 years now and plan on trading the Eurostoxx in about a month or so. Can anyone give me some good websites to get started on both Eurostoxx as well as the Euro economy (econ #s, etc). I'm using IB, Sierra Charts and mytrack. Is this sufficient?

    Thanks for any help/advice.
  2. I may give them a try as well. I've been trading NQ for the last week+ and like the feel of them.

    check out

    I'm sure you will get some other post from more experienced Eurex players.
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    I'm trading the DJStoxx at GreenTree Trading with J-Trader as execution platform and eSignal for charting and I must really say i love it.
    Liquidity is great and imho easy to trade as it really moves if it moves ;)
    So really nice to scalp that thing.
    But stay off the DAX futs as it can easily knock you off 20-30 points in seconds on news, etc.
    For econ I could offer you german sites only ;) put that prolly won't help you much

    Edit: Oh I just noticed that you want to trade Eurostoxx not DJ Stoxx ... well i haven't traded that but i see it has 3356 contracts traded today whereas DJStoxx has 428991 ..... so I wouldn't trade that ;)
  4. Look at this site for times in ET for econ numbers from around the world.

    I traded the Eurostoxx for a few weeks and did not like it very much. Part of it was the time though. I had heard the on Bloomberg TV that the few weeks I traded it happened to be the tightest range it had been in for the last 13 months. Sweet timing. I am trading the US products now. I think the NQ trades like a cross between the ES and Eurostoxx but with better times then waking up in the middle of the night to trade them.
  5. ESTX50 is great. Trades smoothly and super liquid. I use IB and Esignal. ESXT50 is like a slightly hyper NQ. I watch the DAX and CAC40 when trading it, kind of like watching NQ, ES and DOW for relationships.
    Let me know how it goes.
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    Thanks for the help guys. What are some of the key econ #'s to watch out for? I plan to trade these overnight before the US markets open up.


    What is the difference between the Eurostoxx and DJstoxx? I went on the Eurex website and they show DJ Euro Stoxx 50 (which is the one I want to trade) which does have the 428k contracts traded today.

    Again I appreciate the feedback.
  7. l8braker,

    im using IB to trade the eurostoxx50.. fast executions, good quotes.. i use esignal so i dont know about sierra or mytrack.. good luck.. :)

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    DJ Euro Stoxx is the right one ... i also have EESTX in J-Trader and it had only 4k contracts traded
  9. Qwik,
    How is Esignal speed for Eurostoxx50 (ET) ? I saw in previously posted threads that Esignal is a bit lagging for European quotes, I wonder if it is still the case.

    Cheers! :)
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