New to Elite Trader. Sell Live Cattle This Week.

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by SilverPony, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Just want to say Hello to anyone that
    still trade futures market. Hopefully, We
    can bounce off trading ideas. I'm not
    new to trading futures. I got lots of scares
    to show for.

    Well, to start off. Let talk about Live
    Cattle market. This week, I think we should sell. Anyone favor that?
  2. Handle123


    I am out of my short in Live Cattle, and still short Feeders since early August. For me Live Cattle would have to go much higher to sell.
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  3. still short the feeders from Aug....VERY nice trade handle!!
  4. Handle123


    Thanks, I never were much good at entering during a trend, so I pretty much enter at contract highs/lows when I have a signal and buy options as a short term hedge. On the Future side my win/lose percentage is always low, some years I only have 8-20% winners, but overall is quite profitable cause I hedge, lose on the futures and make some on options. But when I do have a solid winning trade in futures, I do very well. Once I get to breakeven plus $5k, I will use weekly bar charts to move Protective stops and sometimes they are not moved from Breakeven for years on very long term Currency trades.
    My method would not be good for most, you have to accept you may lose up to 92% of the time on the futures side. My worst string of losers for past sixteen years has been 23 losses in a row on futures side, but based on one lot, I was only down $4k with help from the options, and still managed a fair year.
    Just another way to slice an apple.
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  5. Hi Handle123. Oct of this year, looking back at many futures market. You can't go wrong SELLING. How I wish I was in those market.

    On Live Cattle, I did waited after it went up for a week, SOLD on 12/3 exit on 12/5.
    It was a very good check.

    Where are you trading at?
    I'm in TN.