New to day-trading

Discussion in 'Politics' started by traderwanabe, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. Hi - I am new to all this, meaning, I have never day traded before. I have done some investing thru Fidelity but, I am now looking to do this full time. I have an income independent of the $25K I can invest so I do not need to do this as a sole sorce of income. What I expect is that there is a learning curve to doing this, i.e. finding out what strategy works for me and learning entry and exit times, etc...

    What I need is advice! I need to know what you guys think is the best day-trading pit out there for a newbie? Who provides the best training, one-on-one support from a manger for the fist couple of months, etc...?

    Answers to these questions and any other advice you want to give WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!