New to Day Trading and Looking for Software Recommendations

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nspiro, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. nspiro



    I am rather new to investing, trading, etc. I was curious what trading software is the preferred or industry standard among day traders? There seems to be so many out on the market. Are there any software programs that are a "All-in-One" type of package, i.e. charting,analysis,trading in realtime? Does anyone know about "bots"?

    I would rather buy a product now that will last me a while than buy something entry level and end up having to put it on a shelf as I progress. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, opinions and guidance. This is a great site!
  2. AAA30


    Lots of people use esignal but the best idea is to just take trials of several and choose the one you feel is the best for you. There is no use paying for bells and whistles if you have no need for them or if they just distract you from finding a profitable method.
  3. Yahoo!

    LOL! Just kidding.

    There are popular ones. I don't think there is any "industry standard".

    It is not an area Microsoft is interested in, you know... (yet).

    I use RealTick and TradeStation. You should use whatever that pleases you and makes sense.

    Some people do "serious" day trading with Yahoo! and BigChart. LOL...
  4. Alot depends on what markets you are trading and with what frequency. For example, Open ECry is a good futures broker that works for me. Others would say they need more.

    So, too hard to say w/o more explanation.