New Things in the STAR - Global Vegetation Health Products.

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  1. kanellop


    Hello Again to All.

    After a quite long time period,

    i decide tonight with my local time to visit again the,

    STAR - Global Vegetation Health Products, ,

    for to see some data relative to Australia and Brazil.

    But, i watch that had add more things!

    I have not navigate all of them,

    but the New Things,

    appears in the Left of the Page,

    with a New together with Flash Colours.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  2. jtmalu


    any idea if the Russian ag ministry will levy an export tax?
  3. kanellop



    I am around here and read and read News...


    No, i do not believe that will make any move tomorrow.

    Even with SovEcon say that Russia Wheat Production have drop to 38 Million Tonnes: .

    The Game will be very hard as usual.

    Need tremendous patience.

    One is sure.

    Will happen tremendous things,

    be very sure for that.

    Now, seems that will exist new Crop Losses in USA Corn/Soybeans Crops from Isaac,

    because of Rains and very big Wind Gusts that brings.

    And also my new "feeling" is that,

    we will have huge troubles with the Brazil Soybeans Crop.

    In the Brazil Soybeans Crop Areas seems that exist Drought right now.

    And soon will start the Planting Period.

    Please see:

    1) ,

    2) .

    Also, here: ,

    and here: ,

    still we have Neutral Conditions ( Not El Nino yet )!

    Best Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  4. jtmalu


    spet-dec corn confirms Issac is doing some damage, but i think it is way early to be talking about dryness of Brazilian beans as they aren't even in the ground....
  5. kanellop



    Yes, you have right,

    Soybeans in Brazil are not on the ground yet.

    But, does not likes me that exist Drought conditions there.

    I have a bad "feeling".

    And i will not speak what will happen,

    if exist any problem to that Crop there...

    Now, the new beginning issue for Wheat,

    is how will go the preplanting conditions in the USA Hard Red Winter Wheat Crop Areas.

    I watch and that,

    and have a lot of "headaches",

    because one time the predictions shows precipitation and a little after change to the opposite that.

    Also, i watch and the temperatures as best i can.

    I do not have any Subscription to a Private Weather Firm for better watching availabilty by my side,

    but Weather have a tremendous importancy to Grains.

    It will be a very long Fall, Winter and Next Spring for Grains Markets.

    Will play a big role also for USA Corn and not only,

    the Ethanol Mandate,

    and the Bank of excess RINs ( Renewable Identification Numbers ),

    which is ~2.5-2.6 billion (equiv. of ~1 bil. bu. corn).

    Exist and something else above than Rare.

    USA Pastures and Hay Conditions.

    Best Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.