New Terms in Strategy Trading

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Joe Doaks, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. De temps en temps, I shall reveal to ET certain of my thought processes and the new terms which they have spawned. Pour commencer, when the daily pivot finds itself coincident with the VWAP, I call that condition PEEWOP.
  2. no. 22

    no. 22

    How is vwap calculated?
  3. You can look it up, but the simplest way, sufficiently accurate, is to assume that the volume for a green bar was all market longs and the volume for a red bar was all market shorts. You multiply the volume by the average of the high and the low, applying the appropriate sign for the bar color, add it to the same product for the previous bar, and divide by the cumulative volume, continually iterating after each bar closes. Be advised, however, that although it is a pretty study, it is totally useless. That is why I use it so much. And you're not fooling me a bit, 22, you will always be a small calibre, in trading, in life, and in the bed.
  4. no. 22

    no. 22

    I could change my name to no. 45.
    Would that help?
    I admit I'm still new at trading.
  5. Yeah, but not new to posting. Why do these (or this) idiots follow me around and trash my serious threads? Are they getting tired of hair-assing Jack? Or frustrated because he won't come out and play?

    Pour continuer, here is a term unique to NQ trading. It seems that every time I decide at the open the day is going to be a wide range day, and hold my first trade rather than scalping, the assholes who are smarter than me take profit at 5 points above the open, ruining my trade. I call this "The Hundred Buck Fuck".

    And FWIW, I have standardized on .357 magnum for handgun and carbine.
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