New Technology Patent Awarded: Screens™ Virtual Desktop only on Level IV™

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    Patent Awarded on The Screens Navigator™ – Only on the Level IV Trading Platform™

    We are pleased to announce the US Patent & Trademark Office just issued our latest Patent (#8,276,095) on Screens™ and The Screens Navigator™ !

    How can the Screens Virtual Desktop help you? It’s simple: When Time IS Money, the faster you can get to your data and enter your orders, the less likely you will miss a profitable trading opportunity.

    It’s a fact: Our new Screens™ technology will allow you to arrange and see more data faster than with any other trading platform. Faster access means faster trading and the potential for more profits.

    How does Screens™ work?

    In short, you can open a multitude of Charts and Data Windows on a Virtual Desktop the size of 25 monitors, and switch between these virtual monitors with One Simple Click.

    No more minimizing and maximizing windows, no more juggling windows to find the one you want.

    With Screens™ what you need is always open and just 1 click away.

    Here is an Image of the Screens Navigator with a 25 Virtual Monitor Layout:
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    The Challenge – We Needed More Desktop Real Estate

    To trade effectively and make money, traders need a lot of information, and need to get to it quickly.

    Other trading platforms let you open many windows, but they tend to get lost. One must always juggle between expanding and minimizing them to view what’s on top.

    We wanted our customers to enjoy a Wall of 25 Monitors, without having to pay for the expensive hardware.

    The Solution – Screens™

    We’ve solved that problem with the invention of the Screens™ virtual workspace technology.

    No longer is it necessary for traders to constantly shrink and resize data windows and charts.

    With Screens™ you can layout a multitude of windows and charts on one giant contiguous desktop.

    The windows are always open, and you can get to the information you need almost instantaneously.

    Here is an example. We are on Screen 7 of 25. To See any other Screen, we’d just click the Corresponding Screen Number Pane in the Screens Navigator™:


    The Screens Navigator™

    Each numbered box within the Screens Navigator™ represents a virtual area equal in size to one computer monitor. It only takes one 'click' on the Screens Navigator™ Tool to quickly switch your display to any of the 25 virtual monitors.

    The icons in each pane of the Screens Navigator™ clearly display where open windows and charts are laid out.

    When you mouse hover over an Icon, title bar Information pops-up as a tool-tip for the corresponding data window or chart.

    It is a simple matter of clicking to switch screens, or click-dragging the icons to relocate windows anywhere on your virtual desktop.

    The Screens™ software supports all brands and styles of computer monitors, and will not slow down or inhibit any computer processes in any way, we guarantee it.

    Watch A Video Showing the Screens Technology in Action - Change to Full Screen to view in High Definition

    <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    With the Screens Navigator™ you can leap to anything you need with a single click.

    When Time IS Money, don’t be slowed down by your Trading interface. Instead, why not use a tool that works as quick as you think?

    You can try out The Level IV Trading Platform™ for yourself, for Free. Explore the power of Screens™ and our many other Patented Innovations:

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