New taxes on the way

Discussion in 'Politics' started by axeman, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. Huge spending bill blocked in Senate
    Democrats angry over several issues in omnibus measure

    also on the phreedom phront

    this is one deranged motherfucker...

    (from the article) If the bill reaches President Bush's desk in its current form, Ashcroft said, "the president's senior advisers will recommend that it be vetoed."

    In other words, Karl Rove will veto it...
  2. TGregg


    It won't matter much whether the GOP or the Dems are in control, both parties spend money like first wives on the way out. Until the bozos who pull the voting lever understand that spending money like water is bad, it ain't gonna stop. But it's gotten to the point that most of the USA belongs in one group or another, and all groups think "It's about time my group got their share at the feeding trough that is the government."

    So I say, screw it. Let's group together and beat up some other group at the voting box. Make trading a tax-free endeavor that is supported by the government (much like farmers are). Today, it's all about the money. If you got it, and you are willing to pay the politicians, you can get more. Nobody even bothers to read the Constitution, we can safely ignore that rag. For the good of the people, the US Federal Government needs to subsidize us traders! Fork over the dough! High time we all had both trotters in the public feed-trough.

    I'm not completely kidding, but it is sad indeed.