New Tape from Zawahiri May Come Today

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  1. Jan. 20, 2006 — Security is being stepped up across the country today after the release of a new audiotape in which Osama bin Laden threatens to attack the U.S. homeland — though the government is not elevating the national alert level.

    The new security measures are being taken as ABC News learns that al Qaeda Web sites have posted messages saying yet another tape is about to be released — this one from al Qaeda's No. 2 man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who apparently escaped a missile attack that targeted him in Pakistan a week ago. The Web sites say he will mourn his colleagues who were killed in that attack.
  2. Al-Qaida targets Alaskan pipeline
    Muslims urged to launch attack from Mexico and Canada

    Matthew Ramsey
    The Province

    Friday, January 20, 2006

    B.C.'s energy sector is on heightened alert after an al-Qaida-affiliated Internet blog message called on Canadian and U.S. jihadists to attack an Alaskan oil pipeline.

    The 12-page posting targets the Trans-Alaska Pipeline specifically and energy infrastructure in California and Mexico in general. It was discovered and translated from Arabic Dec. 30 by the Washington-based SITE Institute.

    The posting advocates riddling the iconic pipeline with bullets, blowing it up and causing large fires to complicate repair efforts, and attacking ocean-going tankers or fuel depots in Valdez.

    "The most suitable candidates for these operations are our American Muslim brothers who live on the land of trash . . . Also, we can add to this jihad group any other groups who can reach the American terrorist regime, either directly or through neighbouring countries, like Canada or Mexico," the posting says.

    While refusing to confirm or deny any investigations that may or may not be under way, Canadian Security Intelligence Service spokeswoman Barbara Campion said the threat has been noted.

    "ITAC [the Integrated Threat Assessment Centre] is well aware of the Internet posting," she said.

    The FBI has also confirmed the posting and is communicating with relevant American agencies affected by it. FBI officers say the pipeline information and maps included in the posting are readily available online.
  3. Buy the terror, always...
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    Does anybody remember how long be4 9/11 was posted the warning by osama bin laden if there was specific one,i don't remember.

    it maybe cautious to buy some otm puts.
    this guy obl maybe stating something bigger,that is why he uses this whole idea about truce to say that it was not his fault,especially to the muslim world.Nations before going to war give one another option to truce or sorrunder or whatever in that category.That was the case b4 both iraq wars and attack on mainland japan.I am sure poeple in high places that are responsible for security are looking at this from all angles and theories.My conclusion is that i take this threat seriously,offer of truce is political,maybe i am just paranoid.

    I hope that nothing will happen

    So what you think the market will go down and up today?Yeah sure:)