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Discussion in 'Forex' started by nik1033, Mar 5, 2003.

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  2. would it be possible to read what the hell the system does and not just the results? Very happy for you, you made 30% last month. WHat can I do but watch and applaud. More info please...
  3. And what does it trade if that's not classified?
  4. wally where are your systems? im waiting for much anticipated release:)
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    nah! I think TCI do better, all paper trade of course.
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  6. I am working on so many of them that I simply don't have time to release anything. When I finally do, I want this to be really good. I might as well be releasing signals only to keep the systems completely proprietary and secret. I have yet to decide what to do.

    Just yesterday I discovered a neat intraday system that takes 5-6 trades a day (more, like 8-9, if the market is choppy) and for this week it is up ca 60 ES pts (for 2 contracts) with all days profitable. The system is completely mechanical. It relies on the price action and one simple filter. No indicators. I have yet to examine its past, but I believe that it was not bad at all.

    It can be applied to a longer timeframe as well. I believe, judging simply by the charts, that it was pretty profitable in February. Perfect for OEX option trading as it catches bigger swings.

    I will write more about it soon, perhaps over this weekend.

    Thanks for your interest.
  7. FYI, the systems that I use (2 only at this point) were profitable in January and February and very profitable last year. I have recently modified them slightly. These are the systems that I may release although I am not sure in what form yet. They do not trade every day, so I am now searching for a system that would trade every day. As I just wrote, I might be very close to it.
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    Are you blind?
    It is FOREX FORUM.....

    And these results are worst I`ve ever seen
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    opps, wrong forum, take that back :eek: