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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sportmatt37, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Hey all,
    I've decided that i need a new system, mine is getting a bit old and sluggish. Any recommendations? I would like to spend between 2-3k. My last system i built myself, but it was a hassle and would rather not do that this time.

    Thanks a lot
  2. Mall23


    Dell's really good, and what I personally like.

    Or if you want to have a local place to take the computer when it breaks down (it will), get a Compaq from CompUSA. I bought one for my mom a couple years specifically for that reason -- I wasn't around to maintain it for her. But any problems she encountered, she could just drive down and drop it off.
  3. If you buy a Dell, do not be cheap. Their low end machines, at least for trading, just don't make the cut. The upper end machines perform quite well.
  4. just for the heck of it, go to its always nice
    to see what the computer market is at
    right now.
  5. Purchased my lastest machine from them several months back. Very pleased with the results.

    - Spydertrader
  6. If I were getting a new rig today, I'd get something "dual core". Supposedly better overall for multi-tasking.

    1GB of RAM, enough slots on the systemboard to accommodate all you want to run, WinXP and no "integrated" or "shared" or "onboard" video. Anything beyond that is just bells and whistles.

    I've got 2 Dell performance machines and both are very good. I've also had 2 Dell mid-level machines and they were good too.
  7. thanks a lot to all the responses.
    Has anyone used ?
    I hear they are rather good, but I'm not sure