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  1. My computers are getting outdated. I need another system supporting multiple monitors. I haven't kept track of the current
    technology other than reading that with PCI express cards, most off the shelf systems do not support multi monitors without some sort of adapter costing a bundle.

    All I need is a basic family or business PC system, no need for a workstation, but I need at least dual monitor support and to be safe 2GB Ram. I also want XP rather than Vista.
    I prefer Dell but that 's not very important, and the budget I am willing to spend is between $500 and $900 (with one 17 'monitor included, no need for 19' )which system would you recommend ?
    What are the differences between all those new processors, dual core, quad core ? I sense that this makes no difference for the type of use I will have but would rather avoid problems similar to what i have with my P41.5GHZ in 4-5years (frequently gets stuck at 100% usage seemingly because of scripts on webpages) .

    In case of a laptop, would there be an offering from Dell or Hp that would match those requirements (real dual monitor) for less than say $1100.
  2. As long as you want to run only 2 monitors, the Dell Vostro line has sales all the time. $399, including 19" widescreen monitor is common... sometimes even $50 less. XP is still available on them.
  3. Yeah , those prices are really low. But which graphic card do you choose ?

    ATI® Radeon™ HD 2400 Pro 128 MB

    ATI® Radeon™ HD 2600 XT 256 MB

    They make no mention of multiple monitor support which really amazes me because to me it's really the single most important improvement in computing yet it doesn't seem to be a priority for the average user . I could never go back to single monitor, even to surf the web .
  4. They are both more than adequate. Worst case, you could sell the one that comes with your computer and replace it with an Nvidia dualhead. The Quadro NVS 285, goes for $25-$30 on eBay.
  5. Don't be so lazy.

    Simply look up the specs at ATI Technologies and you will see that both of the models above support DVI and VGA outputs for dual-monitors. The HD 2400 is a "value" card whereas the HD 2600 is a "mainstream" card.
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    Also almost every new video card now has dual DVI ports to run 2 monitors off them. and btw Dell dose tell you that they support 2 monitors if you click on "Help me Decide" or "Compare" on the video card section, it tells you the info on all the video cards.
  7. What system would you recommend to run 3 or even 4 monitors?
    My current system runs 3 monitors, but I am having problem with the 2 ATI Radeon in it. One of them no longer works, I moved it to another slot, tried one software reinstall , to no avail . I am discarding a second Win98 machine, the new system should be able to run at least 3 monitors, so I will have 2 PC's, 5 or 6 mon .
  8. Any machine with C2D class CPU, without onboard video and running on XP.

  9. Not Dell Switzerland at least , actually the info on components on their website is pretty basic and their phone reps are useless.
    After calling 4 times always to be put on hold I still don't know which one of their ATI cards will work with 3 monitors or how to get 2 dual monitor cards in a system !
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