New Surf Alias

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  1. Just because he is a vendor does not mean he has stopped using alias or having "family" post to stroke his ego.


    Mainly posts in Surf report and all his other recent postings are in the anti-TA rants or typical posts asking to see people's broker statements or trading records.
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  2. Overnight


    Did Mrs. Surf have the baby?
  3. Not yet!!
  4. Dude, they are talking about u on twitter. U are famous!

  5. speedo


    Surf Cadbury..David Nestle Goodboy etc etc etc
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  6. JackRab


    Don't talk to yourself mate... I always walk around people who are talking to themselves on the street... that's just weird...
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  7. Look fuckstick, everyone knows that is your twitter account and we all busted you for Joe Nestle so don't think Joe Cadbury is anything different. Magna busted you for the Joe Nestle so I am sure they are now fine with Joe Cadbury since you are vag vendor.

    and who the fuck is Prado?
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  8. Truetype is an obvious Surf multi nic as if anyone needed telling lol. It's just very sad that someone leads their life like that. I don't know why Baron allows it to continue, no amount of money is worth trashing your site.
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  9. MrScalper sure knows alot about Durf, always sticking up for him in spite of the clear evidence Durf can't trade himself out of a wet brown paper bag.
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  10. MrScalper


    Post your resume and we will compare to see who has experience in the financial world.

    I predict you will not post it :)
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