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  1. After the enourmous success of my first index

    (which is up 40%) I have launched a new index (6/11/08) of eight stocks and ETFs that will crush the market, as my prior index did.

    Here are the stocks:

    CLF(I don't like iron stocks but I coudn't find anything else to add with a large enough market cap. And I'm not going to add two coal stocks.)

    I predict this index will rise 40% within the next year. Making money in the stock market is as easy as buying these stocks and holding them for awhile.

    As a rule the index cannot change. I may or may not own these stocks at any time. Currently I am long V and MOS. Yea some of these losers get their panties in a bunch cause I don't own all the stocks I recommend.
  2. MOS up HUGE today!
  3. Yup been telling folks to buy since low 100's. Made soo much $$ with this. And only made one trade which was to place a buy order.
  4. MOS 151
    V 78 7/8
    BIDU 324 1/2
    RIMM 133 1/4
    AAPL 182
    CLR 70 1/2
    PCX 139 1/2
    CLF 98 3/4

    These are the current prices. good luck stock trader, although i highly doubt you own more than 100 shares of maybe 2 of these. I'm going to say this index will be lower in a month, in 3 months, and by the end of the year.
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    We have been waiting so long since Charles Dow. :D
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    Stock: serious question, have you ever paid taxes on a stock posistion that you sold for a profit?

    Bringing the question to your new thread, since you either missed my asking it, or are reluctant to answer. Thank you in advance.
  7. Obviously I paid taxes. Everyone does.
  8. I just printed that list out on super-soft, 3-ply tissue paper.
  9. Ok folks here we go...Lets see how badly a trader whoops up on the buy and pray crowd...I have a long/short portfolio that should be able to "keep pace" with stocks momo list. The buys: HAL, ELN, STO, NYX, JPM, TSO, WFC, NDAQ, PMI, DNA, AMGN, RIO, IYM, and EWV....Shorts are as follows: CLF, SPY, QQQQ, DIA, MBI, WM, GS, MER, MWD, GLD, SHLD, XLF, MBB, KOL, and DCR...I am basically long and short most of the names on here anyway, so this is nothing much new. I will be trading around in this as time allows, and will make a post for new buys and shorts..Away we go! I almost forgot, today is my birthday, and one never loses on their birthday, right?
  10. "recommend" You do have a license to do this, yes?

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