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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gwb-trading, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    A number of people on Elite are aware that I have been working with members of a local investment club on a stock screener that supports both fundamental and technical screening.

    The good news.... it is now available. Please see to register and download the screener.


    - Greg
  2. I would like to thank a number of ET members who provided some excellent feedback about the HingeFire Stock Screener that our local investment club has put into place. We view this first release of the product as just a starting point and are looking for input from users to drive the future development path of the product.

    Please register and download the screener at:

    We very much look forward to additional feedback.

    Thank you,

    - Greg
  3. Folks,

    A number of people had registration issues at the site when using non-IE browsers (Firefox, Opera, etc.). We have fixed these problems by disabling the Verification Code check. Now all entry into the verification code box during registration will be accepted as valid.

    The site uses third-party .ASP Captcha verification code which appears to have some non-Microsoft incompatibilities. We are actively working these issues.

    Thank you for your feedback and patience. We look forward to feedback from the community about the stock screener.


    - Greg B.
  4. Just as a note, the latest release of the Hingefire stock screener is available for FREE at

    The most recent software release provides a full set of fundamental, technical, chart pattern, and candlestick indicators merged into a single tool.

    The website has also been re-launched and contains supportive educational information, documentation, and videos in the knowledge base.

    Let me know what you think...


    - Greg