New Sport Sedans!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 5Pillars, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. I have driven the new Pontiac G8 GT (Holden Commodore with a V-8 Vette motor) here in Austin the other day and I was impressed. GM did a good job and for some reason I liked this car better than the new CTS - more aggressive with excellent performance numbers.

    I also saw my first Jaguar XK in town and that car was AMAZING in person - looks very sexy!!!

    This is the color I saw in town - JUST WOW in person!

    New C-Class C63 AMG looks very good too but the back seat area is a bit tight for adults imo. This car sounds very cool though and has a strong aggressive stance.

    So what else is hitting the lots soon that catches your eye?
  2. The Jag looks nice, but the "C" class Mercedes is awful.
  3. The new C is getting good write ups against the RS4 and the new M3, but they are also saying it is a pretty wild car with tons of raw power off the AMG tuned 6.2L V-8. The look of the new C is a bit aggressive for MB but I do like it. :)
  4. Saw the new 2 door and 4 door M3 in town yesterday and it looked ok - but at 70k MSRP I say NO THANKS (Skyline GT-R will be $68k to 72k - much better deal). The Jaguar XF Supercharged is at 62k with Nav and fully loaded - BMW pricing is just insane.
  5. Did you hear about the guy in nv that painted his car up like a cop car?


    He's getting away with it, too. Next thing you know, we'll see someone like this getting out of his cop car.