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  1. forexbullbear

    Click on charts or links, goes to his website
  2. You still have not removed spammer...
  3. Joe


    I just banned him. You notified us at 4am est.
  4. Joe


    It looks like he's posting good content just placing a link on his pics. I put back his account and am sending him a warning.
  5. Ahhh...that's the secret to spamming.

    Post good content and all is forgiven along with having your account and links to the fee based service restored. least you guys should ask him to be a sponsor now that he's allowed to keep all those links embedded within his charts that take you directly to his fee-based resources.

    Out of curiousity, do you guys make a sales pitch to spammers to see if their interested in becoming sponsors or do you just ban or warn them and leave it at that. :confused:

  6. Joe


    Most spammers spam because they can not afford to advertise.
  7. LOL...that's the truth.

  8. The warning didn't work (as I suspected). He is back to putting links to his website.

    Maybe SOMEDAY as I have suggested a few times before, you will prevent people with under 100 posts from including ANY kind of web link. People with a few posts are constantly spamming to their websites. They must far outweigh the percentage of posts with links compared to ETers with > 100 posts.

    And perhaps you will ALSO note, slap a www. on front and a .com on back, and his user ID also goes to a website.
  9. Lucrum


    Kinda like

  10. try noting the absence of an S in your thoughts...
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