NEW SKYPE Group: Stock Index Day-Traders in CT/NYC/New England area!

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  1. Hello... To all my fellow CT, NYC area & New England Traders:

    If you are interested in JOINING a New SKYPE GROUP of EXPERIENCED & SEASONED TRADERS… Please read on! If you have no interest... There’s no need to read any further, thanks for looking!!

    Before we get too deep into this... there are a COUPLE OF FACTS I’d like to share with you before I put forth my proposal...

    1) As you can see, I signed up as an ELITE TRADER user several years ago, but never really used it at all.... BUT none-the-less.... below is my brief story, and my new goal for 2009!!

    2) No matter how BIG you personally trade... WE, as traders, will never be competitors!

    3) This is an ever changing market place... WE ALL need to constantly learn new ideas and information, simply to stay viable in our chosen industry!

    4) Trading from home has its benefits, but... it can be BORING! Like watching paint dry or grass grow sometimes! Ever nodded off / fallen asleep?? If you say no... You’re lying!!

    5) In 1996, when I lived in L.A., I started the "LAFSG - Los Angeles Futures Support Group" with just two messages in the ‘misc.invest.futures’ newsgroup! At the time most of us were newbies... BUT, we all had something to contribute to the Group, as a whole! Of the 13 original members that started our group, 11 of us were still together 4+ years later!! AND, to this day we ALL communicate regularly, and even get together on occasion! (35 strong at one time, but that was just too big to be effective!)


    It was the single most influential part of my 12+ year FULL-TIME trading career!! If it weren’t for that SUPPORT GROUP... I don’t know where I’d be today... Honestly!

    It was like a Mentorship Program for everyone involved, even the 3 “seasoned pros” that joined us too!!

    Unfortunately, we stopped our bi-weekly meetings in 2000, when I moved back east. Even though we still communicate regularly, after time we all went our separate ways, and most eventually returned to there previous careers.... I, HOWEVER, DID NOT!

    I continued to become better and better at my craft... STOCK INDEX FUTURES TRADING... but, I always missed the GOOD OLD DAYS!!

    If only we had SKYPE back then?!


    I am looking for about TEN (10) experienced & seasoned STOCK INDEX FUTURES Day-Traders, using whatever methodology you incorporate!

    1) You must... DAY-TRADE.
    2) You must... trade STOCK INDEX FUTURES. (S&P, NASDAQ, DOW, RUSSELL, etc.)
    3) You must... be Experienced / Seasoned... sorry not looking to mentor any newbies!
    4) Residing in CT, NYC, New England Area would be nice, but NOT necessary!

    I’m simply proposing that WE create a SKYPE CONFERENCE ROOM (no cost to anyone), that we can all use to just communicate with throughout the trading day… simply sharing your thoughts with the others, on what it is that YOU are seeing!!

    Basically, MANY EYES LOOKING THRU “DIFFERENT LENSES” (so-to-speak), FOR THE EXACT SAME TRADING OPPORTUNITIES... But, each from a different experiential background & trading methodology... each being able to comment on what they are seeing, and why they LIKE or DIS-LIKE an upcoming trade!! Everyone participates & Everyone benefits!!

    This, I will GUARANTEE YOU:
    5) If everything comes together... EVERYONE WILL PROFIT MORE!!
    6) You might even make some new friends along the way???

    I just know that, as a group of like minded Traders, communicating via SKYPE via the Conference Call feature throughout the day... WE WILL ALL TRADE BETTER!!

    I know this because several years ago, I became involved “as the new guy” with a similar group... Problem was, when I questioned the “leaderships” motives in doing the group... I was immediately BANNED!! It unfortunately made me bitter to the whole idea... BUT, eventually I came to the realization that it WAS A REALLY GOOD IDEA!! In subsequent searching, I just never found another similar group... SO, INSTEAD... I DECIDED, I’LL JUST START ONE MYSELF!!

    SO, if you have any interest in finding out more, please SKYPE ME or SEND ME a private reply to this message, with a phone #, and I’ll place the call, so that we can talk.

    I’m really looking forward to stepping up to the challenge of a NEW GROUP, and look forward to meeting some new “like minded” traders!

    Happy Trading to Everyone... and, I’ll talk to ya soon...

    Jeff in CT :cool:
    Skype: TraderJMB
    AOL-IM: TraderJMB
    YAHOO-IM: TraderJMB

    Just to let you know... I AM THE “REAL DEAL”!!
    I have no “hidden” agenda, I simply love what I do!!
    I AM LOOKING TO SELL NOTHING –OR– BUY NOTHING... I am simply just looking for people like myself that wouldn't mind some human interaction to pass the time, PLUS an extra set of eyes to call out potential trades!! It’s really that simple!! I really don’t NEED to do this group... I simply WANT to do this group... because of its enormous benefits!!

    Here is MY original 1996 message to create a FUTURES SUPPORT GROUP!! - msg_0a67ef3e15fb8caf

    Here is the RealTraders Message we sent out in 1999 to find some “new members”... Hindsight being 20-20... It wasn’t the greatest of ideas!!

    Here is the YAHOO! GROUP that we evolved into since 2000...
    It is a CLOSED group, that will never accept new members... It is mostly a social group now!!

    Here is the YAHOO! GROUP that I tried to start in 2004 when I moved to CT...
    This attempt just simply never took off... oh well, I guess we can use it for our new Skype Group!!

    ALSO, I’ll be going to the February TradersExpo in NYC… maybe if we get a “group” together by the... maybe we can all meet there?? :)
  2. Good luck with your group!

    I trade stock index futures only a little, right now through SPY, until I get my futures account open, but I make my living daytrading equities so I have no interest in joining a group that's not scalping equities with my style.

    I just wanted to say that I have had great results from collaborating with others on skype, and I met many good traders whom I worked well with on ET. About 1 out of every 5 guys I met off ET and tried trading with, did things long-term "work out," but those few guys I have met have really helped my bottom line, and I've helped theirs. I honestly wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had to trade all alone... I'd get by okay, but man, I'd feel so alone and miss out on so many setups.

    Good luck with your group!

  3. Hey "NY0BScalper",

    Thanks for the Positive Input!!

    Ya, I recommend it to ANYONE... I mean EVERYONE... get involved with a Group...
    Everyone should find something that works... "for them"! And JUST DO IT!

    Grow with it, evolve with it... it'll take you places you can only imagine!!

    I simply can't say enough about the group of guys i "came up thru the ranks with"... a shout-out to the guys of LAFSG (Los Angeles Futures Support Group) class of 1996!!

    Love you guys!

    PS. If you're not in a "group" right now... start one! Hell, I'll come hang with you every now & then!! My methods work on stocks too.... I just prefer stock indexes! And futures are the way to go!!

    BUT, It does amaze me why more people don't involve themselves with a group... it's like the modern day version of an apprenticeship!... or you could just think of it like a "sewing group for grand-mothers"... BUT NOT!! Well. you know what I mean...

    BTW... What's a realistic number of people to be on the SKYPE Conferencing feature at any one time, anyway?? I've heard 10 is pushing it!! Any input is very much appreciated!!

    Thanks all! :D
  4. We love you too, Jeff.

  5. Maybe try keeping it a text chat. Try to keep it from becoming a chat with lots of off topic chatter. Guys can PM each other for that. The chat I am in is very useful. Guys will just type in tickers of what's moving.

    A chat of some type is definately recommended.

  6. ahhhhh.... 'traderNik'.... dude..... i'm sorry.... ahhhh, (damn, how do i say this and not hurt his feelings).... I was talkin' to my.... ah.... LAFSG buddys.... hope you're ok with that?

    but.... if it helps.... ah,..... we could (gulp).... i mean express our feelings.... (he better not take this the wrong way).....ah.... if you feel we need too???? or something???

    I.... ah.... love you ....too....
    ahhhhh...... ya....i think?

    wow, man... did that feel weird... woooowww!

    But seriously though... I just wanta thank everyone that puts up a positive response to me... or, anyone for that matter,... that has an idea to share or express, or what-ever!!

    I think my kids are starting to rub off on me... (damn this phone texting thingy!!)

    Gotta say though... I should have spent more time here... in years past... just never know!!??

    PS... NIK.... really.... "I LOVE YOU TOO!!"
  7. Pekelo


    Just curious, why do you need them mostly from the East Coast? Since it is Skype, geographical location is rather irrelevant unless later on you want to meet them...

  8. 'Pekelo'...

    "would be nice, but NOT necessary!"

    As it stipulates, it's just a PLUS, not a requirement....

    Mostly just because if you get together, face-2-face with people occasionally, you're more apt to stick together as a group... you know "the glue that binds" kinda idea, or maybe, I guess it's kind of a "bonding" kinda thing??

    PLUS, I don't believe my previous experience with a "support" type group would have lasted almost 5 years, had we not gotten together so often!! The dynamics, just worked!!

    "Proof in the pudding" was that after I moved away... the group "fell apart" as a traders group!! We could have found alternatives, but we didn't....

    Maybe it was time for that , maybe not... but, I think being there (face-2-face) had something to do with it!!

    BESIDES, not that I envision what I'm about to say... but.... HEY, it would be COOL!!

    On a cruise ship several years ago, I meet a guy playing blackjack one night, and we were talking. He told me he ran a hedge fund, and the guys he worked with were on another one of their "motorcycle trips"... this time cruising the islands with their Harley's at every port-of-call they stopped at!!

    He told me.... they just liked hanging out together, even when they were away from there office... he mentioned that they worked better together as well!!

    I don't know why, but that always stuck with me!!
    I always thought... "that would be cool, riding with my trading buddies!!"

    Ya just never know?? But, hey... ya gotta keep the dream ALIVE!!


    Jeff B in CT
    Skype: TraderJMB
    AOL-IM: TraderJMB
    YAHOO-IM: TraderJMB
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