New Short Sale Rules

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  2. So, they want to encourage the markets to go sky-high like in the Internet days and then watch them blow up?

    Yeah, I have a good idea. Let's tilt the whole supply/demand balance so that it's skewed and will create more problems down the road for us again.

    How about tackling real problems like regulating OTC derivatives and give confidence back to the markets? That should solve things way faster and get us on the road to recovery so we can take care of the environment.
  3. Just another example of the Dem's ongoing war against capitalism. They cannot stand the fact that people can make money independently from Gov. largesse and dependence.
    There is really not much difference between Barney Frank and Hugo Chavez in terms of philosophy.
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    Clamping down on short sellers... another scapegoat for the gubbermint's ineptitude and Wall Street's malfeasance.

    Deregulation (Gramm Leach Bliley)
    Failed SEC regulation
    Self regulation of investment banks
    Sub prime loans
    ARMs (option adjustable, balloon-payment, interest-only)
    Mortgage backed securities
    Credit default swaps
    Credit rating agency fraud
    Predatory lending
    SEC easing the Net Capital Rule for banks
    Over leveraging
    Greenspan's misguided low interest rate policy
    AIG, FNM, BSC, LEH, CFC, ad nauseum

    Anyone remember Sept '07 when they instituted a no shorting rule on 1,000 or so financial stocks? The market went over the cliff despite it. Yep, clamping down on short sellers is the answer for incompetence. Uh huh (huge eye roll)
  6. Buyers could not go long by hitting the Ask in Bull Market this must be the next step....:)
  7. Oh yes, capitalism=short selling.

    Maybe if everyone in the US became a capitalist=short seller, we could all become rich by short selling the bubble after the crash that made us poor. That would be capitalism at work.

    Socialists like Barney Frank just want to stop that sort of progress.
  8. It was Sept '08. And yes I remember it well. Shitty protectionism. They put on extra charge for shorting GS. I paid it. It was worth it. :)
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    what was the extra charge?
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