New shared-office for independant traders in LONDON, UK

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by cazdealer, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. cazdealer


    Hi everyone,

    We've just rented an office near the city on Old Street in London. It's a nice corner office with 2 windows. We could be between 5 and 7 traders in it.

    We are looking for other traders that might what to join us to create a proper, motivating and fun trading atmosphere!
    We are looking for 2-3 traders to join our "group". We all trade US and/or UK equities but any other type of traders/products are welcomed. We all are independent traders (meaning we have our own deals with clearing firms and trading platforms). The cost would be 70 pounds per week per trader (1 chair, 1 desk, 1 phone, 1 internet connection, insurance, VAT included). Obviously, we don't provide computer hardware and trading software.

    We are looking for fun traders and people that would suit well with us and that it would be fun to work with.

    If any of you are interested, send me a message