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    MetaQuotes Software Corp. continues to expand the opportunities of On June 17th, two new services were launched on the website: Payments and Jobs. With these services, the website visitors will be able to order and pay for different works performed by other members of the community.

    The Payments service is the online payment system of the community website. The system allows you to quickly and easily carry out financial operations with other members of the For example, using this service, you can order and pay for the development of MQL5 programs, receive the author's fee for your articles, and so on. Further, you will get the opportunity to purchase programs in the Store on And all this is done quickly and absolutely safe.

    The payment system of is linked with WebMoney, and later we will introduce PayPal support. Having received a certain amount to your account, you will be able to turn it into real money. For example, writing an article and getting paid for it, you can transfer money to your WebMoney purse. And you can use this money without any restrictions.

    The second service launched today is Jobs. It will be useful both for traders and developers. The main purpose of the new service is the organization of custom development of different MQL5 programs.

    If you are a trader with a trading strategy but not knowing how to program in MQL5, the Jobs is the right service for you. With Jobs you get a simple, controllable and safe possibility to find a developer, who will write an Expert Advisor or indicator. Any registered user can accept your offer and develop a required program for you.

    The main difference of Jobs on the from most of similar resources and services on other websites is security. The customer and developer are protected from improper actions of the other party throughout the entire cooperation. In case any disputes arise, MetaQuotes Software Corp. is ready to act as arbitrator.

    With the launch of the Jobs, becomes an ideal place for posting you orders and offering your programming services. Every day, thousands of traders and developers visit this resource, and can easily help each other. For a trader, Jobs is a new easy opportunity to get his or her own Expert Advisor. For MQL5 developers this is a possibility to find new customers.

    Both services have been launched already, they operate now, and any registered visitor of the website can use them. The Jobs service is available in the website navigation; your account status can be checked in your Profile. We hope that Payments and Jobs will be useful for you. If you have any comments or suggestions on the new services, please feel free to contact us.