new section to discuss individual stocks

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ryanmitcho, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. i think it would be a good idea to add a section to elitetrader where members can discuss the trading action in different stocks and talk about their biases/ news/ how the specialist trades/ and any other pertinent information.

    we could call it stock discussion, and a member could start a thread with the stocks ticker symbol, any intersted parties could then write their comments regarding any aspects of that particular stock.

    lets make it happen, baron !!! :D
  2. ...maybe it's not a good idea to create a place where the NYSE floor can analyze what we interpret their quotes to mean...

    the overall lack of disorganization (no criticism to baron or the mods) of ET is a blessing and a curse..


    i advocated this same idea once on ET (Tharp's A$$hole Specialists Thread) but now i think it's a bad idea...simply because that will make the game harder, and i can't imagine it being any better than blackjack if it should become any more difficult than it is now...

    if you do your homework you should know sometimes why they act as they often do, and what the significance of their being a prick at certain times really is...


    something more general like a rating system with typically well-known specialist antics might be more appropriate.

    may i suggest-

    1)backing away from posted market, esp when trending
    2)scalping opposing market orders that he obviously sees at the same time
    3)failing to provide liquidity (aka taking a block and keeping it)
    4)competitive bidding
    5)holding cancels

    just my .02
  3. good point bungrider.....
    i trade stocks in a variety of industries, primarily focusing on financial, airline, brokers and oils (all NYSE) and i trade a lot of volume in these stocks - anyone that wants to discuss stocks in those industries or general specialist tricks/ tactics, feel free to PM me......