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  1. Just read the new Schwager edition "Market Wizard's, The Elite Trader's!"

    A must read for newbies and veterans alike. The best chapters include,

    Brandon Fredrickson: "Making Money is Easy! That's why I run a chatroom, so I can be unaudited and give back!

    Marketsurfer: "How to use channels a 100 points wide and never get chopped up!"

    Nitro: "I'm not a pig. I'd rather make $1 a few hundred times a day than $1000 once a day."

    Gordon Gekko: " Michael Douglas's character in "Wall Street" only wishes he could match the exploits of this Elite Trader who recently turned 2k into almost $3000 in just a few trades!!

    Unfortunately the Don Bright chapter was dropped at the last minute for legal reasons and Schwager's next book will deal exclusively with RS7. Although when quoted Schwager said "RS7 is already sort of an open book on a public forum, so fresh insights were difficult, however revelations about his prior marriage to Greg Allman have never before seen print."
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